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Confidence Team Building Diva Workshops!

Confidence Building Diva Workshops!
Aimed at Women working in the corporate industry, Diva workshops give a healthy dose of Feminine energy and bring out all the best female qualities both mentally & physically.

Diva workshops:

  • Boost Confidence
  • Encourage Individual Style
  • Improve Posture & co-ordination
  • Promote a strong, healthy female body image
  • Inspire creative thinking
  • Strengthen multi-tasking abilities

A two hour Diva Workshop Dance class is lead by one of our fully trained Diva Dance Coaches

The Workshop is split in 3 sections:

Section 1 – Warmup.

The group will take part in a dance fitness warm-up suited to their abilities & levels. Warm-ups can be challenging and include sit-ups, press-ups, squats, along with other high energy fitness exercises, so all participants must work together to encourage each other to keep going knowing the end result will be so fulfilling.

Section 2 – Mirror time

The dance coach demonstrates a set of poses in time to music to which all participants repeat as a group in front of the mirror. The poses help with posture & alignment whilst validating the importance of looks & gestures in communication. They also strengthen confidence & body awareness.

Section 3 – Routine

A dance routine influenced by a strong female role model will be taught to the group along with style & attitude. The group will then be split in smaller “Troupes” and given time to rehearse the dance sequence before getting up & performing the routine in front of the whole Workshop Gang! At the end of the performance all groups will offer feedback focusing on the positive aspects of each Dance troupes’ performance!

Workshops will take place in Pineapple dance studios or other London based dance studios.

Dance coaches are also available to travel & workshops can take place in office spaces or meeting rooms.

Workshop size – groups of 5 up to 50 at a time

Optional extras:

Event Photographer

Event Videographer

Diva Dance Wear T-shirts