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"Why be normal like the rest of them, Be a Diva like the Best of them!"

Diva Dance Parties are a fantastically glamorous way to celebrate your Hen or Birthday party with your best girlfriends.

Inspired by present-day, retro and vintage Divas of Stage and Screen the party can be adapted to suit Gorgeous Girls of all shapes, sizes, types, ages and levels of ability. Feel like a Star and Learn all your favourite routines, dancing & singing along to the big Divas like Beyoncé, Rihanna, Madonna & Gaga.

Whether you want a Girly filled afternoon class or a Glam evening celebration with a personalised Diva theme, Diva Parties are a great way to get you Werkin it on the dance floor adding style & glamour to your super feminine moves.

ONE THING’S FOR SURE by the end of the party you’ll emerge a fully-fledged Diva moving with confidence, style & GLAMOUR! Get those dark shades ready cause you’re sure gonna need um!!

What’s Included:

• 2 hour Diva Class

• At London’s Pineapple dance studios or other London venues.

• Lead by one of our Fully trained Diva Dance Coaches

• Teaching a dance routine from your favourite Diva

• With a Bottle of Prosecco to get you in the mood

• And a free Diva gift on arrival for the Lady of the Day

Make you day even more special by adding these Extras:

• Event Photographer • Event Videographer • Makeup Ar+st

• Set of MyDiva Dance Wear T-shirts

Prices: £30 per person (min 15 people)
For groups of 14 or less prices available on request