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  • Halloween Trends

    By MyDiva | In Beauty, Lifestyle, Makeup, Trend | on October 30, 2014

    Having a look on Pinterest getting some ideas for this years Halloween & seen some beauties! As Halloween trends become  bigger in the UK it’s only right to jump on the bandwagon & get in the spirit! So here are my “likes” for Halloween 2014. It would not be Halloween without the beloved Pumpkin…this year […]

  • Get ready for the Party season with Diva Heels Workshop at Pineapple Studios!  A trend that is taking the dance industry by storm! Dancing in heels is essential to being a DIVA. Whether you be werkin it on the dance floor or dance professionally in the commercial industry these 3 workshops will help inject style & glamour into your movement. 3 fierce […]

  • For Anyone wanting to try out classes at Pineapple studios and maybe not sure which ones take your fancy, then there Open Day is coming up on Sunday 24th August! A great variety of hour long classes all free!!And the news keeps getting better! I will be teaching a free Diva class from 2-3pm during […]

  • MyDiva Werkout

    By MyDiva | In Dance, dance classes, Fitness, Lifestyle, London | on August 5, 2014

    Dance Warm-ups for all the Divas out there. Since teaching my regular, weekly classes at Pineapple studios I have come to the conclusion that whilst teaching a 60 mins class is great for getting straight to the point it takes time away from the ever so important Dance Warm-up. I have also noticed that the […]

  • Make Up Colour Theory

    By MyDiva | In Beauty, Fashion, Lifestyle, Makeup | on August 4, 2014

    Recently I’ve been mixing up my make-up looks and adding colour to the eyes & lips. This works really well especially when wearing monochrome outfits to lift the look, & give it a more youthful, funky edge. I found this amazing youtube by Make-up artist Robert Jones going through the Make Up Colour Theory by using the […]

  • Festival Diva

    By MyDiva | In Celebrity, Fashion, Lifestyle, London, Music | on July 25, 2014

    Always had a bit of a love/hate thing going with this girl, but I have to say that 2014 seems to be her year to shine. Since her heavily publicized, PR’d comeback Lily Allen seems to be making all the right moves to cement her firmly back at the top as one of the UKs, cheekiest pop sensations. And […]

  • Myself & Debbie Nielsen (Commercial Street) are doing a Two classes for £10 offer! For the whole moth of July you can get 2 fantastic classes for £5 each, every Monday from 7-9pm at Pineapple studios, covent Garden. Just turn up to get your place or email me at mads@mydivalution.com for more info! 7-8pm Commercial Street, Debbie […]

  • S.H.E Function Band

    By MyDiva | In Dance, Guest Bloggers, Lifestyle, London, Music | on July 3, 2014

    There are so many fantastic Divas werkin it in London Town and one particular bunch come in the form of Female Function Band S.H.E. What does S.H.E stand for? Sophisticated, Hot, Entertainment. Add an infinity of Talent and that is exactly what you get when in the presence of these ladies.  S.H.E  are a collective of professional […]

  • Dolly Day Glastonbury

    By MyDiva | In Celebrity, Lifestyle | on June 29, 2014

    The top Diva of this years Glastonbury festival has to be the beautifully talented Miss Dolly Parton! I had been gutted to not be able to get tickets for her London concert dates, so it was a slight consolation to watch her on the BBC Glasto footage. (Click here to watch – from 40 mins) This tiny […]